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Appendix D. RPM SPEC file example. This appendix contains an example of an RPM SPEC file.!= '/' ] && rm -rf ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT} %post cd %_docdir/HTML/*/%. To begin, change your directory to the SPEC directory created in the rpm build tree. Here is an example of spec file I made for a package called vpython.

RPM.spec Files. For work and pleasure, I sometimes build binary rpm packages. The.spec file. At the heart of the rpm building process is the.spec file. This section shows how to write a basic spec file for your RPM package. Ive 2 files which include shell command to be execute,, and ive 1 iptables-save which include chain need to installed How can I write the spec file to: -1copy my 2. RPM Building. As part of automated installations administrators will often deploy custom applications not provided by Red Hat. RPM Spec File Example.

This page describes in detail how to create an RPM package, and in particular. For example, to create a new SPEC file for a python module.